Smart-Toolbox is software designed for glass companies

If you're a glass company who is serious about growing their business, you need serious glass software to match.

Smart-Toolbox is glass company software designed to work the way your business does. There are plenty of great point-of-sale systems out there but they often don't cater to the unique way glass companies function. Smart-Toolbox allows you to manage jobs in stages, revise quotes as needed, invoice jobs in part or in full and more. Most importantly it can be prepopulated with your cost and sell prices to easily generate accurate quotes in minutes.

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Understand your glass company

For many of the managers of glass companies we speak to, the biggest challenge they face in their business is understanding what is going on — where they are making and losing money, how well particular products and services are doing, who their best salespeople are, what the margin on each job is and so forth. Not having this data available makes it difficult for a glass company to make informed decisions about how to move their business forward. This is where Smart-Toolbox can help.

Smart-Toolbox's extensive reporting features make gathering, sorting and using data from your glass company easy. Just some of the areas you can report on are:

Take the guesswork out of running your glass company with in-depth, customizable reporting.

Get organized

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Another major challenge facing glass companies is implementing efficient processes and organizing their business's information to help things run smoothly. Many glass companies we talk to rely on pen and paper or a collection of spreadsheets to track what is happening in their glass business, but find that things go missing.

Using specific glass company software, like Smart-Toolbox, gives you a central hub for all of your job data and management. You can store customer details (including customer-specific pricing), job information, job pricing, documentation as well as track site visits and scheduling all in one system.

Smart-Toolbox also allows you to pull reports that show which invoices and glass orders are overdue, making it much easier to follow up with late-paying customers or slow suppliers. The ability to easily see what needs follow up and action it straight away makes it a more pleasant task for staff and provides clarity and reassurance for management.

Here are a few of the ways Smart-Toolbox can help your glass company get organized:

Smart-Toolbox integrates with popular accounting software including QuickBooks Online, MYOB, Xero, SAP and Sage. The ability to sync between your job management software and your accounting system makes admin work a breeze — Smart-Toolbox is the complete software solution to run your glass company.

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